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A Sample 4 Year Old Lesson Plan

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Theme: Dinosaurs

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Circle Time

World of Dinosaurs. Millions of years ago the world had different animals in it. These were called dinosaurs. Some were very large, others were small. Some ate only plants, others ate other dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus Rex. This was a large, meat-eating dinosaur. T-Rex had large bone-crunching jaws and big teeth that it used to eat other dinosaurs.

Apatosaurus. This was one of the biggest dinosaurs. It was longer than 2 buses parked end-to-end and had a huge neck and tail. It was a gentle giant, spending most of its day eating plants.

Dino-Armor. Many plant-eating dinosaurs had thick skin that protected their bodies like a suit of armor. Some had bony spikes and plates to discourage hungry meat eaters.

Review all names and types of Dinosaurs. Find out what each child's favorite dinosaur is. Encourage public speaking and listening skills.

Visual Showings

Pictures of dinosaurs, large and small.

Pictures of T-Rex.

Pictures of Apotosaurus.

Pictures of Stegosaurus and Triceratops.

Pictures of All Dinosaurs

Craft Room

Dinosaur Quicksand. Mix cornstarch and water until thick but will drip between your fingers when picked up. When toy dinosaurs are placed in the quicksand, they will sink. If left in overnight then removed, their impressions will be left behind. Introduce the word fossil.

Dinosaur Mural. Sponge paint different plant-eating dinosaurs on a large sheet of white construction paper.

Dinosaur Mural. Continue sponge painting dinosaurs, but this time paint different meat-eating dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Mural. The children help the teacher decorate the bulleting boards with the dinosaur murals.

Children free-hand drawing their rendition of their favorite dinosaur. Children to take their drawing with them to the writing room. See "Writing Room".

Kindergarten Readiness Skill

Observes objects and pictures closely and accurately.

Recognizes and names colors.

Concentrates on a specific task.

Helps with chores at school.

Creativity, hand-eye coordination.

Large Activity Room

Play Rex, Rex, T-Rex (like duck, duck, goose)

Find the hidden dinosaurs. Play Rex, Rex, T-Rex.

Dino-Races. Some dinosaurs moved on two feet, others on all fours. Pretend you are a four-legged dinosaur. Divide into 2 or 3 teams and have a relay race.

Dinosaurs died off when a large asteroid hit the earth. Set up the plastic dinosaurs (spaced apart) 10 or 12 feet away and let each child toss a large ball (asteroid) and see how many dinosaurs he/she can knock over and make "extinct."

Free Play like your favorite dinosaur.

Musical Dinosaurs Game.

Kindergarten Readiness Skill

Is able to stop movement on command.

Plays with other children.

Participates in imaginative play.

Is able to throw a ball.

Listening and Imaginatiion.

Writing Room

Pre-writing: Sizes Worksheet #25 Big and Small.

Sizes Worksheet #26 Big and Small.

Sizes Worksheet #27 Biggest and Smallest

Sizes Worksheet #28 Biggest and Smallest.

Each child narrate to the group a story about his favorite dinosaur picture.

Kindergarten Readiness Skill

Controls crayon well.

Matches simple objects.

Classifies by color, shape and size.

Understands big and little.

Story-telling, Imagination, Word Recognition.

Ecology Room

Talk about the different kinds of dinosaurs, especially those with bony armor like Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

Take a closer look at T-Rex. Use visuals.

Take a closer look at Apotosaurus. Use visuals.

Talk about the extinction of the dinosaurs caused by changes in the environment. Use sand & water tubs to first find the hidden miniature dinosaurs and then not to find them.

The miniature dinosaurs to be used to demonstrate sink and float.

Kindergarten Readiness Skill

Asks increasing questions.

Describes objects with three statements.

Is knowledgeable and curious.

Asks and answers questions.

Asks and answers questions.


Danny and the Dinosaurs Free Choice Dinosaurs on Parade How Big is a Brachiosaurus? Free Choice


Free Choice Just Grandpa and Me Reader Rabbit Free Choice Free Choice

Songs, Music & Fingerplay

One little, Two little, Three little Dinosaurs

A Friendly Dragon

Five Little Dinosaurs Twinkle Twinkle Little Dinosaur Twinkle Twinkle Little Dinosaur

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